Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cha Cha Cha Cha Changes

   Well I have officially made a change on my road to being a "grown up". I finished school this summer, spent a good part of the summer looking for a second job. I was told that I was over qualified for everything. I know this......anyways, I am not going to jump on to my soap box about that now.
   So after so deep discussions with Mr. Man we decided that now was the perfect time for me to figure out what I wanted to do when I grow up. After a lot of thinking, processing, "what if's" and too many pro/con lists to count I came up with a plan. That gave rise to a business plan. A product. Then a name. As of yesterday I launched a FB page and an Etsy store. Both are currently works in progress. I am making inventory as quickly as I can while still working my day job and being wife and Mommy and promoting the new venture. I am hoping to use this weekend as a "working weekend", getting things made, taking and loading pictures, researching sponsorships; in all trying to make this thing work. Getting all of this done while not flaking out on my life duties is a lot harder than I thought that it would be. But I am hoping that in the end it will all pay off and my little shop will be a success. I don't think that I am asking too much to be making half of what I make at my day job by this time next year. I don't expect to become an over night success or to be making a large salary. My goals are attainable and well with in reason I feel.I just hope that I don't fall flat on my face with this and end up regretting it.
   With all of this being said there will be some changes being made around here. Nothing major (did you see the mew logo at the top?), but I will be shifting gears and going more towards the business promotion with this blog. If I can ever get into a groove of outfit pictures I will continue on with that here as well. I hope that the handful of you that read this silly little page will follow along with me in this. And I would love it if you would order a fascinator from me as well. I will have pictures posted of them, but I also look forward to custom order requests. I get so bored living in my own head and making what I like, I want to make what someone else likes as well; it always gives me new inspirations. That's all for now. Again, I hope that this works and that y'all will follow and support me down this new road that I am following.
Love and Fasicnators,


  1. Hey girl! This sounds super exciting! I can't wait to see what you have on Etsy! The only regret you would have would be to not do it! You just never know unless you try, right! Thanks for your sweet comment! Kiah

  2. Hey Kiah! Here is the link to my etsy page and my FB page I am trying to get enough users to like it so that I can own the name on there. Thanks for all of the encouragement! Can you let me know the next time the Big D bloggers get together please? I would love to join y'all!

  3. Best of luck to you! Found you via TxSC, hope to see ya there! Take care, dear.