Sunday, September 9, 2012

Those new things

It's been 5 months since I lost one job and began to focus on this part of my life more. Well I have been busy.....hence the lack of posting for a while.
I made and sold a few purses to friends.
The girls at the little country dinner that we frequent saw them and wanted magic wallets and aprons. So now this is what I am doing. Wallets of the magical persuasion and matching half aprons with the occasional purse order and a bow here and there.
All of these have been custom orders and I am so excited to see what comes next!

Monday, April 9, 2012

New Beginnings

So today marks a new beginning for me. I lost one job today because I took another, but that is a story for another time. The point is that I was stuck firmly in a rut for the last three years. Now I have the opportunity to start new things full force.

So here it is, what sort of things would you want to order from me. I can make damn near anything. I have thought about starting to learn craft clay and resins. This will be on top of my bows, crochet/knitting, hand embroidery and vintage jewelry and fabrics. As much as I would like to draw and sketch I have issues with making a simple stick figure. But then maybe this could be my chance to better my skills at that. I get complements on the few free hand works that I have painted so that could be a start.

Here I am rambling on with really nothing at all to say other than this, what do you my hand full of readers think that my next venture should be? I am open to suggestions.

Love and hot glue,

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just Watch ol'Bandit Run

Today is a big day. There is tons 'o laundry to be done. Outfits to be decided on and packed. And a house to be cleaned. Oh and to top it all off, Tuesday I decided that it would be a good idea to pinch my spinal cord with a few of the vertebra in my neck. So now I have chiropractor appointments it work into all of that. Because as we all know I can't just have things run smoothly all of the time.
Tomorrow morning Rachael will be driving down from OK to my place. She and I will be making our way down to TxSCC in Austin. Of course we have to make all of the stops......Czech Stop for kolaches and sandwiches and on to the Style Station for some tasty vintage. And gawd knows what and where else we will spy that looks like fun.
We get to pick up Joanne and Genny at the airport. Oh and the best part is that I am bringing walkie talkies!!!! Yeah I know that we all have cell phones and texting these days.....but that is dangerous when you are flying down I35 (South bound and down). Plus, walkies are just so much more fun!
Last year at TxSCC was sooo much fun! I got to ogle my blogger girl crushes. I was way to scared to talk to any of them though. Punky  wanted to steal my fluffy little dog Thor (he won't be joining me this year. He is too much of a boy now), so I got to talk to her a little and she is as awesome as you would think that she would be! I also got to chat with Suze a bit. Another awesome girl! And of course Indiana (I think that she managed to talk to every one there last year, but I don't know how)! I gawked at the lovely Elissa from across many a room. Hope that I get to talk to her face to face this year. And sooooo many other of the wonderful women that will be there. I could turn this already long post into an even longer one with all of the blogger girls that I want to meet this year. Needless to say I am excited about tomorrow. So excited in fact that I am procrastinating by sitting here and writing up this post! Ok so now I really do need to go get my shit done so that I can get out of here. Hope to see all of you there!
South bound and down Bitches!
We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there!
I will see my roomies tomorrow!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Still here, randomly

I am back at it again. No pictures this time.....again, not of me anyway. I am gearing up for the TXSC 2012! I am super excited about it because this time I will have THREE roomies!!! Last year was fun but lonely going back to a room on my own. None of us know each other in real life but hey at lest we all have a common interest or two to start with. Thor will not be joining me this year. He has gotten to be too much of a boy. He still loves all of the attention that he can get but he does not care for the confines of a leash.

I am in the process of going through my closet for the swap and gathering up fascinators and flower clips to take with me. Tell me any ideas or requests that any of y'all may have for flowers. I am doing my best to get an Etsy update ready for the shop. Life is bitch sometimes when it comes to plans.
As always there will be the stops in West at the Czech Stop for a snack and then a few miles down the road to the Style Station for some vintage goodness.
Once the conference is all said and done I will be making my way on down to Houston to see my Bestie for a couple of days!
I am so excited for this trip. It will be fun and bittersweet all at the same time.
It's a new year and I want to try to blog and Tweet  from TXSC this year.
I know that this post is kind of random but I wanted to let it be known that I am still alive here in this space.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cha Cha Cha Cha Changes

   Well I have officially made a change on my road to being a "grown up". I finished school this summer, spent a good part of the summer looking for a second job. I was told that I was over qualified for everything. I know this......anyways, I am not going to jump on to my soap box about that now.
   So after so deep discussions with Mr. Man we decided that now was the perfect time for me to figure out what I wanted to do when I grow up. After a lot of thinking, processing, "what if's" and too many pro/con lists to count I came up with a plan. That gave rise to a business plan. A product. Then a name. As of yesterday I launched a FB page and an Etsy store. Both are currently works in progress. I am making inventory as quickly as I can while still working my day job and being wife and Mommy and promoting the new venture. I am hoping to use this weekend as a "working weekend", getting things made, taking and loading pictures, researching sponsorships; in all trying to make this thing work. Getting all of this done while not flaking out on my life duties is a lot harder than I thought that it would be. But I am hoping that in the end it will all pay off and my little shop will be a success. I don't think that I am asking too much to be making half of what I make at my day job by this time next year. I don't expect to become an over night success or to be making a large salary. My goals are attainable and well with in reason I feel.I just hope that I don't fall flat on my face with this and end up regretting it.
   With all of this being said there will be some changes being made around here. Nothing major (did you see the mew logo at the top?), but I will be shifting gears and going more towards the business promotion with this blog. If I can ever get into a groove of outfit pictures I will continue on with that here as well. I hope that the handful of you that read this silly little page will follow along with me in this. And I would love it if you would order a fascinator from me as well. I will have pictures posted of them, but I also look forward to custom order requests. I get so bored living in my own head and making what I like, I want to make what someone else likes as well; it always gives me new inspirations. That's all for now. Again, I hope that this works and that y'all will follow and support me down this new road that I am following.
Love and Fasicnators,

Friday, June 3, 2011

Where do I go from here

So here's the deal my Peeps. I have been taking a long hard look at this blogging endeavor that I have taken on. So far I feel like I have failed at it, miserably. I have a life that keeps me plenty busy, too busy to take outfit pictures regularly (that is unless I want to go totally ghetto and use cell phone pictures), I don't have a smanchie DSLR camera (just a dinky point n shoot). I love the blogging community and all of the wonderful people that I have become (imaginary) friends with. I have been lucky enough to actually meet a few of the lovely ladies in person as well.
So here is my dilemma; do I continue on with this and just change my direction with it or do I just move on, shut it down and call it a wash and continue cyber friend stalking? If I keep on with it in a new direction it will be in a "this is me and my crazy life with the occasional outfit post" blog. I would talk about my life in my rural little town, school, family, job, fashion that i wish I could wear, other bloggers that I admire and my crazy know, everyday type of BS.
So, those three or four of you that know that this blog exists please let me know what you think on this matter. I would love to know!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I know what I said....

I know that I said that I would do a TxSCC recap this weekend, but I have two term papers nagging at me. I have to be a grown up (which totally sucks) and do them first :(
Being a responsible adult is no fun at all. I will get it up but unfortunatly it may be another week. Man school is suck a buzz kill on my blogging mojo!