Monday, April 9, 2012

New Beginnings

So today marks a new beginning for me. I lost one job today because I took another, but that is a story for another time. The point is that I was stuck firmly in a rut for the last three years. Now I have the opportunity to start new things full force.

So here it is, what sort of things would you want to order from me. I can make damn near anything. I have thought about starting to learn craft clay and resins. This will be on top of my bows, crochet/knitting, hand embroidery and vintage jewelry and fabrics. As much as I would like to draw and sketch I have issues with making a simple stick figure. But then maybe this could be my chance to better my skills at that. I get complements on the few free hand works that I have painted so that could be a start.

Here I am rambling on with really nothing at all to say other than this, what do you my hand full of readers think that my next venture should be? I am open to suggestions.

Love and hot glue,

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  1. I always hear you should follow your bliss, so since you aren't tied up completely with one thing right now, YOU decide which thing brings you the most pleasure to create, which thing express your creativity the most, which things it makes you happiest to know someone else likes, too. Then give it your best effort and build from there. How come I haven't seen any of your painting?